Everything we have described throughout this series forms the building-blocks of a life of discipleship within the Christian Church. The word ‘disciple’ means ‘apprentice’—and in ancient times an apprentice shared a whole way of life with his teacher: following him, living with him, conforming his entire way of life to that of his teacher’s. Such is the life of the Christian. In Worship, in the continual formation of heart and mind (this does not cease after reception into the Church!), in supporting the work of the Church through one’s own time, treasure, and talent, we conform our whole way of life to that of Jesus Christ. 

The last command Jesus Christ gave to His followers before He ascended into Heaven was to make disciples of all nations—having been joined to Jesus Christ in His Church, our discipleship is a life-long process. It is a life of struggle, but of fulfillment; a life of turning from darkness, and death, and misery to light, and life, and joy. It is a life united to God the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit—it is a life that continues forever.

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