Who is Jesus Christ?

During the 1st century AD, in the area now known as Israel, a man named Jesus from a small village called Nazareth, went around the province healing people and telling them that God’s kingdom is arriving. He taught that each person has to change his or her heart, returning to love for God and for one another, in order to prepare for the arrival of this kingdom.

During the course of His teaching—while many disagreed about whether Jesus was a teacher sent by God to correct the Israelite people, or whether He was a deceiver sent by the enemy of God, Jesus asked a question of His own apprentices ( or ‘disciples’), a question whose answer changes everything: “Whom do you say that I am?” 

The Orthodox Christian Church continues to answer this question in the way that His apprentice Peter answered: Jesus is the Christ—the Son of the Living God.

In the next pages, you can read more about the life of Jesus Christ, how He has revealed Himself to be a part of the Holy Trinity, and how His coming was foretold throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.

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